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    6 Money Mistakes
    Women Make!

    Your little blue book on how to avoid the big money mistakes & start creating an abundant future right NOW!

    What You'll Find Inside

    - The 6 Mistakes -
    The short, sweet and funny AF version of lessons learnt during my journey from broke-creative to
    self-made multi-millionaire!
    - The Biggest Shift -
    The exact habits I had that stopped me from getting rid of debt... and what I had to do to change them!
    - Skip The Bullsh!t -
    I'll also give you a little sneak peek on how YOU can start using my '4Ms of Wealth Management' to leapfrog years of money bullsh!t!

    Hey! I'm Leonie :)

    Why should you learn from me?

    • a self-made multi-millionaire
    • an internationally best-selling author with over 400,000 books in print
    • ​taught tens of thousands of women worldwide how to create their own shining lives & businesses
    • Ausmumpreneur of the Year and myBusiness' Australian Business Woman of the Year finalist

    I've been able to do some really magical things WITH my money to help change the world... including:

    • Building a library in Vietnam
    • Helping build a six room school in Ghana
    • Sending over 500 baby carriers to Greece during the Syrian Refugee Crisis
    • ​Funding over $40,000 to a children's organisation in Kenya
    • ​​Being in the top 1% of Kiva lenders worldwide
    • ​Helping Australian Wildlife Conservancy buy more land for wildlife
    It's time to step into your biggest dream of you...
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