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    6 Money Mistakes
    Women Make!

    Your little book on exactly what NOT to do and how to start creating an abundant future right NOW!

    What You'll Find Inside

    - The 6 Mistakes -
    The short, sweet and funny AF version of lessons learnt during my journey from broke-creative to multi-millionaire business woman!
    - The Biggest Shift -
    How I recognised and overcame the beliefs and feelings I had around money that were actually holding me back from living a full and happy life!
    - Skip The Bullsh!t -
    I'll also give you a little sneak peek on how YOU can start using my '4Ms of Wealth Management' to leapfrog years of money bullsh!t!

    Hey! I'm Leonie :)

    I’m really blooming passionate about helping women be able to create the same kind of freedom, grace and abundance for themselves and their families as I have with my own.

    Recognising and overcoming the 6 biggest money mistakes  has allowed me to build the kind wealth that allows for a super abundant lifestyle that is ALSO incredibly fulfilled by being able to fund projects bigger than my wildest dreams. 

    Stuff like building a library in Vietnam, school rooms in West Ghana, funding over $40K to children in Kenya, sending over 500 baby carriers to Greece during the Syrian Refugee Crisis, and even helping Australian Wildlife Conservancy buy more land for wildlife - And way more!

    I’m so grateful for the journey I’ve been on and the other women who have taught me what is possible. I’ve learned so much, and I’m happy to pay it forward so go ahead and download your copy now!

I can’t wait to see you shine!
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